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What's Next?

NeXtwork Partners, LLC is a michigan-based hybrid consulting company founded as a container for the next work of Lisa Connors, a bit of a hybrid herself. Lisa and her partner clients and colleagues create a culture of care wherever they work, and from this ground assess, design, facilitate, ideate, co-create the answers to what's next?

To explore Where You Are Now, What is Possible, and What's Next with Lisa or one of her partners, please connect with us by e-mail or phone. Or begin with the Get Clear Form

NeXtwork Partners Founding Story

NeXtwork Partners as a legal entity was born on the day in 2010 when five of my favorite people and I banded together when Lansing Community College asked if we would offer our services as an outsourced-in-house consultancy to enrich and broaden their business education arm.  Carole Schwinn, aka my mother, a wildly creative sort and group matriarch-mentor came up with the name. It was perfect, and still is. The partnership with LCC ended, but the Regional Cooperative Innovation approach we co-created as a result is a robust community development engine waiting for the right vehicle!

We got on with What's Next for each of us. When mine was to at long last officially name my company, the group generously let me adopt this one.

My official thanks to this group, who are merrily back to enjoying one another's company for lunch on occasion, particularly when we can get Andrew back in town.

The co-founders of NeXtwork Partners:

Andrew Bennett

Lisa Connors

Lorri Johnson

Peter Norlin

Carole & David Schwinn


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