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NeXtwork Partners, LLC is a michigan-based hybrid consulting company founded as a container for the next work of Lisa Connors, a bit of a hybrid herself. Lisa and her partner clients and colleagues create a culture of care wherever they work, and from this ground assess, design, facilitate, ideate, co-create the answers to what's next?

To explore Where You Are Now, What is Possible, and What's Next with Lisa or one of her partners, please connect with us by e-mail or phone. Or begin with the Get Clear Form

Re-authoring the World...

Chene and I met yesterday. A lesson in delayed gratification, no coincidences, letting things unfold as they will. Our web of acquaintances converged in several spots, all at once..."have you met Chene?", "have you met Lisa?". You really need to meet one another. This all last Fall. Spring for her. We live on opposite ends of the world. North America. South Africa. And so finally, just in time, thanks to the modern wonders of Skype, we met. 

In less than an hour we had shared enough of our stories to know we had not only been chosen for one another by others, but now chose each other. Common vision for the world and the work, common language and practices to build with, and enough different to make it really interesting, new and exciting. You can read more about what we are up to together - re-authoring the world, re-storying Womanity, if you are inclined.

And here is the other thing. We got to choose, and it was easy. This is rare. Christina Baldwin describes this notion in The Seven Whispers... We live in neighborhoods and in nations, and work in departments and teams and organizations with people not of our choosing. They are not 'our people'. Meaning we didn't grow up with them necessarily, in that "you'd better be good because I know your mother" kind of way. Part of the hard work we must do then is to make an effort to get to know one another, and let others know us in deep enough ways to matter and connect across all of that difference and unknowing. To be willing and able to call one another to 'be good', to be our better selves because we are in this together and we are sharing resources vital to our living and livelihoods. A paycheck. Clean air and water. We might not be family, but we must be a tribe.

So here is the 're-authoring the world' challenge of the day. Choose someone you share life/workspace with, who you see as 'other', and have some story going about - "...so and so is insensitive, an idiot, weird, scary, lazy, too loud..." - now set that story down. Write it on paper, then tear it up or burn it in a little fire. Now start a conversation from a place of curiosity with that 'other' person. What's their story? What will you share about yours? What do each of you need and contribute to the tribe? Be ready to be surprised, and if it isn't easy, so be it. Things worth having rarely are.

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