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What's Next?

NeXtwork Partners, LLC is a michigan-based hybrid consulting company founded as a container for the next work of Lisa Connors, a bit of a hybrid herself. Lisa and her partner clients and colleagues create a culture of care wherever they work, and from this ground assess, design, facilitate, ideate, co-create the answers to what's next?

To explore Where You Are Now, What is Possible, and What's Next with Lisa or one of her partners, please connect with us by e-mail or phone. Or begin with the Get Clear Form

life cycle adapted from George Land

life cycle adapted from George Land


...your whole company operating as partners committed to the shared future of the organization, one another, and the earth.

...feeling valued and respected every day by all of your co-workers no matter how differently you see the world.

...your team sensing the shifts all around you together, anticipating new customer needs, and changing the game. the life that has been waiting for you. 

What if?
What Might be Possible?

No one can promise these things. But the partners of NeXtwork have had the delight of facilitating individuals like you, companies big and small, including whole governments of small nations by the way, to imagine what might be possible, and WHAT IF? in entirely new ways. This new thing imagined rarely just shows up the next day, but there is no denying that naming the thing you imagine, and speaking it out loud makes magic happen.


What's Next?

Explore a couple of the offerings we are most excited about for our future. What if?...

Reauthoring Workshops

 Co-creating the Transformative Workplace


Read  client stories about What is Possible.

Building Community for the Future. JOURNEYS International

Stratovating Next Level. METROPARENT Publishing

Team 391. University of Michigan, Graham Sustainability Institute

Plans for the People. Trinity Health System, ICD-10

Worldwide Leadership 1 at Time. Robert Bosch LLC


Peruse magical methods we use. No secret oath required.

Design Thinking

Circle Process

Open Space

World Cafe


DiSC Assessment

Narrative Practice



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